Nike Air Max One City Pack– 26 Days of Air Max: Day 21

Nike Air Max One City Pack– 26 Days of Air Max: Day 21

Although Nike has their headquarters based in the United States, they still like to give cities in other countries some love from time to time. In the Air Max One City Pack, released March 2020, Nike formulated two models inspired by the cities of London and Amsterdam– two cities famed for their love of Nike trainers. 

Both pairs feature details inspired by their respective city. The Amsterdam pair has an embroidered pattern, in addition to the Nike Swoosh on the heel, that represents the many canals that cover the city. Meanwhile, the London pair has the River Thames embroidered on the heel of the shoe. The Amsterdam pair also features ‘XXX’ on the toe box in the place of the fan favorite ‘Mini Swoosh’ while the London pair has an ‘O’ on the mudguard, representative of The Tube. 

Looking at the graph above containing StockX data on both of the Cities’ signature pairs, it appears that Air Max enthusiasts have taken a greater interest in the Amsterdam model. Looking a bit closer it also appears that the pairs are linked in some way as they tend to experience either increases or decreases in the same weeks.

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