Nike Air Max 98 x Supreme– 26 Days of Air Max: Day 5

Nike Air Max 98 x Supreme– 26 Days of Air Max: Day 5

Most of the time when Nike collaborates with Supreme it’s the center of sneaker media for weeks prior (see Supreme’s recent Dunk release). However, this wasn’t the case when Supreme decided to take a stab at one of Nike’s sleeper silhouettes, the Air Max 98.  

Designed by Sergio Lozano, the same mastermind behind the Air Max 95, the Air Max 98 is a silhouette that did not get much love during its initial release back in 1998. This was partly due to the fact that it re-used the same full length air bubble that debuted on the Air Max 97 the year prior. The fact of the matter was that Nike fans wanted innovation and the Air Max 98 didn’t provide that. This led to Nike pushing their Air Max Plus model, released the same year, to center stage while the 98 was put on the backburner. 

After being locked up in the Nike vault for what seemed like long enough for sneaker enthusiasts to forget about the silhouette, Supreme decided to try their hand at the model in 2016, capitalizing on the recent bulky/dad-shoe trend. Supreme released a 4 shoe collaboration with Nike featuring 3 patent leather pairs in red, navy, and all black, as well as a 4th snakeskin version. 

This Nike x Supreme collaboration in 2016 seemed to revive the Air Max 98 silhouette, which has seen infinitely more colorways and enthusiasm lately, even experiencing a retro in an original colorway for it’s 20 anniversary with the 2018 release of the Air Max 98 ‘Gundam’.

Looking at StockX data, we can see that the snakeskin 98 is by and far the most expensive in the resale market. However, its three patent leather counterparts are still coming in at a respectable $400– over twice the retail price. We can also see that these three other colorways are consistently within about $100 of each other when looking at prices month to month. Perhaps if Supreme wanted a real challenge they would attempt to bring back the Nike Air Max Dolce.

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