Nike Air Max 97/1 x Sean Wotherspoon– 26 Days of Air Max: Day 13

Nike Air Max 97/1 x Sean Wotherspoon– 26 Days of Air Max: Day 13

Sean Wotherspoon, one of the original founders of Round Two (a sneaker/streetwear buy sell trade store with locations all around the US), designed a hybrid Air Max 97/1 that likely tops many sneaker enthusiasts’ all time favorite lists. 

After winning Nike’s ‘On Air’ competition, Nike released Wotherspoon’s design on Air Max day in 2018. This wider release was preceded by an exclusive release where Sean traveled around the country distributing his shoes in a Volkswagon van with the same pattern as his Air Max. 

Sean Wotherspoon’s Air Max incorporates various details inspired by his own life. On the heel he’s included a VA->LA figure representing his shop’s cross country expansion from Richmond, VA to Los Angeles, California. Additional personal details include a fully vegan construction, representative of Sean’s plant based lifestyle. 

Looking at the graph above, we can see that the SW 97/1 made its initial appearance in the resale market at around $600 before climbing to the $1000+ range within a year. Here, prices hovered around the triple digit mark before shooting up an additional $300 between March and June 2020. Additionally, looking closely at the graph we can recognize a pattern where the pair experiences a price increase each year during its anniversary in March (Air Max Month). Keep an eye on prices to see if this pattern remains true for Air Max Month 2021. 

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