Nike Air Max 90 x DQM Bacon– 26 Days of Air Max: Day 26

Nike Air Max 90 x DQM Bacon– 26 Days of Air Max: Day 26

When Dave Ortiz opened Dave’s Quality Meat’s (DQM) in the Lower East Side he likely had no clue of the impact that he would soon have on the sneaker world. Elusively carrying the image of a butcher shop on the outside, on the inside, Ortiz’s shop served as a staple New York City skate shop throughout it’s tenure, alongside other local legends such as Supreme. Ending the 26 Days of Air Max series with a true classic, here we take a look at the original Nike x DQM Bacon Air Max 90 from 2004. 

Pulling inspiration from the favorite breakfast staple, Dave Ortiz designed his Air Max 90 to represent the many stages of cooking bacon. Ranging from the raw, pink swoosh, to the crispy, cooked outsole, the DQM Bacon Air Max 90 truly looks like it belongs on a plate alongside eggs and hashbrowns. 

Although the remake was released today, in the graph above we look at StockX data for the original 2004 release. Here we can see that prices for the DQM bacon have recently broken the $1,000 barrier in 2019, 15 years after their release. We can also see that prices for the originals have seen insane amounts of variance since the announcement of the retro, with a pair being sold for $316, and another for $1,260, within the past two months. 

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