Nike Air Max 2090– 26 Days of Air Max: Day 17

Nike Air Max 2090– 26 Days of Air Max: Day 17

Whenever Nike produces an all new silhouette, sneaker consumers dissect the model, looking at each and every detail, before eventually showing their approval or disapproval with their wallets. In the case of the Air Max 2090, Nike has ended up with a flopped silhouette that is frequently found on clearance shelves donning a 50% off tag. 

The Air Max 2090 was released in 2020 for the 30th anniversary of the Air Max 90, a classic Nike silhouette that has stood the test of time and has received more praise than a majority of Nike’s portfolio. Sporting the Air Max 90’s mudguard, cassette, and heel logo, the Air Max 2090 takes Nike Air to the next level by containing 200% more air than its Air Max 90 counterpart.  Dylan Raasch, the Nike Creative Designer responsible for the Roshe Run, Air Max 270, Air Max 720, and Air VaporMax, created the Air Max 2090 with the idea of what the world may look like in an additional 30 years. 

Looking at the graph above with StockX sales data, we see that while Nike evidently made efforts to produce a cutting edge, futuristic model, this silhouette is not receiving much attention in the resale market. The Air Max 2090 has been selling for under retail since the initial release on Air Max Day in 2020, and has at times fallen to prices that equate to 50% off retail. However, it appears that recently prices have begun to creep back up for the Air Max 2090, albeit still at a large discount from the $150 retail price. Could this silhouette one day experience the kind of revival that we’ve seen with the Air Max 98 in our previous post? Maybe all it would take is a collaboration with Supreme

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