Nike Air Max 180 x Ralph Steadman– 26 Days of Air Max: Day 4

Nike Air Max 180 x Ralph Steadman– 26 Days of Air Max: Day 4

Released in March 2018, the Nike Air Max 180 Ralph Steadman was part of a 3 pair artist series released for Air Max Month. Other artists on the project included Alfons Holtgreve, who created an abstract black and white pair, and Marcello Morandini, who produced a similar black based colorway with hints of neon color. 

Many may recognize Steadman’s work from the cover of 2017 hit album Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho by Travis Scott and Quavo, or perhaps his work from the cover of Hunter S. Thompson’s classic novel, ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’

The shoe features Steadman’s original artwork on the tongue depicting a hare from Aesop’s timeless “Tortoise and the Hare” story rocking a pair of Air Max 180s in the original “Ultramarine” colorway. Steadman created this artwork with the thought that if the hare in the story had been wearing a pair of 180s, then perhaps the story would have ended differently.  Another unmistakable feature of the shoe is the addition of hare-like hair covering the shoe while keeping with the traditional “Ultramarine” color blocking. 

The Air Max 180, named for its air unit that is visible 180 degrees around the shoe, is a silhouette often left out of resale market conversations. However, bringing in attention from sneaker and art collectors alike, the Ralph Steadman 180 is amongst the most expensive pairs of 180s, selling on StockX for around $300 the past couple months. Is this a steep price considering Steadman sold the original ‘Fear and Loathing’ illustrations to Jann Wenner, founder of Rolling Stone, for $75?

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