Nike Air Max 1 Master– 26 Days of Air Max: Day 9

Nike Air Max 1 Master– 26 Days of Air Max: Day 9

The Air Max 1 is a timeless silhouette that has been the canvas of many heavy-hitting colorways over the years. In 2017, Nike decided to combine 12 of the most notable AM1 colorways and create one mash-up pair. Thus, the Air Max 1 ‘Master’ was born. 

The sneaker’s upper, inspired by the 2005 Kid Robot Air Max 1, features black leather and perforations throughout. Meanwhile, the mudguard is where most of the color is seen, using a combination of colorways from collaborations with Atmos, Parra, Patta, and CLOT, as well as the two original red and blue pairs. 

Looking at the graph containing StockX resale data, we can see that the Air Max 1 Master has experienced appreciation in the past few years going from roughly $400 to north of $600. However, some may consider this a steal when considering the classics that constitute this frankenstein pair. According to our calculations, to buy a pair of each of the 12 shoes that make up this one, it would cost you at least $20k. This egregious figure is without even including the Parra ‘Albert Heijn’ F&F that was limited to 24 pairs.

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